Do you really know what's going on in your organization? All companies are promising savings in the printing area, as long as you buy their products! Take a moment and ask yourself: Who is printing? what is printed? when? how? Should you print every document, fax and copy using so many papers? And why are shredders working overtime? Has anyone thought about this subject? Is printing managed and what is its real price?

Printed output area currently offers a range of solutions aimed at cost reduction.

Several solutions are offered by equipment manufacturers, resellers of equipment and software companies. These proposals, characterized by generalized solutions, try to take advantage of the capabilities of the equipment, but they do not take into account the business needs of companies.

Printing is an integral part of companies’ activity and cannot be efficiently managed by general solutions Company level you need to perform a thorough analysis on the characteristics of the various activities accordingly find the right solution to implement in order to achieve savings, efficiency and control.

Our experience with similar projects in many Countries shows that it is not recommended to choose and implement a first look cheap solution without a deep understanding of the status quo in printing activity and in the characteristics of printers, copiers, scan and fax.

In our view, a preliminary step of assessing the current situation and analyzing the findings gives a much more complete insight about how the printing system should be managed and cost reduction could be obtained.

Starting from that, we suggest a best suited implementation of the printing system in order to meet the strategic plan we will formulate with you.

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