Do you really know what's going on in your organization? All companies are promising savings in the printing area, as long as you buy their products! Take a moment and ask yourself: Who is printing? what is printed? when? how? Should you print every document, fax and copy using so many papers? And why are shredders working overtime? Has anyone thought about this subject? Is printing managed and what is its real price?

About us

Prime Squared (PRIME 2 - PRInt Management Experts) provides innovative solutions to the Printing 

Management Office. The result is a more effective management resulting in the reduction of actual printing volumes and costs.

The company is managed by a professional team with experience of over 20 years and has signed cooperation agreements with leading companies and consultants all over Europe. 

An enterprise that better understands its needs will manage the printing system more effectively, obtain dramatic cost savings and optimize its printing environment. 

Prime Squared helps organizations in understanding the cost saving opportunities available in the printing industry through efficient use of modern printers and software tools for analysis and management. 

he company has signed agreements with Print Associates which has developed a dedicated software for printing management based on experience in this field for more than a decade. Prime Squared has no interest in selling hardware and this is the best guarantee of our independence and dedication to our customers’ needs. Our solutions are based on optimizing existing equipment or those you will plan to acquire in the future  

Prime Squared supports and advises organizations in corporate printing with a variety of activities:

√         Exposing the world of the OUTPUT organization, transportation and support processes of change

√         Providing disposable surveys.

√         Giving access to periodic surveys, professional committees documents and best practices

√         Writing specifications and tenders, supporting in the examination of alternative answers, providing recommendations on methods of engagement with solution providers, advising companies at all stages of mapping, specification, implementation and deployment of a cost optimization printing project.