Do you really know what's going on in your organization? All companies are promising savings in the printing area, as long as you buy their products! Take a moment and ask yourself: Who is printing? what is printed? when? how? Should you print every document, fax and copy using so many papers? And why are shredders working overtime? Has anyone thought about this subject? Is printing managed and what is its real price?

David (Dudu) Zeidner , Executive Vice President and Director of logistics, Harel

"With the assistance of Prime Squared we were able to implement the enterprise output management project in Harel Group, reduce the overall cost, improve end-user service and raise the level of information security. Additionally , the project was another component of Harels' green policy .

The choice in Prime Squared was made in light of their deep understanding in the output world and by being an objective company which is not affiliated with any output provider .

During all phases of the project Prime Squared showed great professionalism that was critical to the success of this important project and we happily recommend Prime Squared to any organization who intends to implement such a project ."

Anat Fishman, Deputy Head of Division of Operations, Support and Budget, ICT and Information Management Systems Division, Israeli Ministry of Defense

"The Ministry Of Defense  printing system is an extremely complex system as it demands very high standards of security and data protection. Prime Squared assisted MOD in improving its printing system. Additionally, with Prime Squared's help, we implemented an EOM project, significantly saved on printing costs, raised the security information level and improved the end users service satisfaction. Prime Squared continues to support us in our current tasks with utmost professionalism and high level of service, demonstrating great commitment to the organization."

Anat Cohen, Strategic Purchasing Director, Tnuva headquarters

"With the assistance of Prime Squared we were able to carry out the EOM project in Tnuva.Prime Squared escorted Tnuva's project managers from the assessment project to the cost analysis phase, Project SOW definition, RFP preparation and the process of bid winner selection.

This move leads Tnuva to significant change in end users print habits, significant cost savings (the savings reflected from the wining proposal are even higher than Prime Squared estimated cost savings in the assessment project), raising the level of security , service improvement and working in a green environment.During all phases of the project, Prime Squared showed professionalism, experience and knowledge, which were and still are important to the success of the project.

Prime Squared continues to escort us in the implementation project phase at Tnuva sites."

Yehiel Gepner, chief of Computing and Information Systems, Clalit Health Services

 "With the help of a Prime Squared we collected information about the habits of our employees on printing and about the usage of colour printers.. What we discovered helped us to reduce significantly the number of printers as well as the number of printouts . We discovered that some printers were used very little, while some others had a massive use and were generating waiting queues. We were able to fix both the issues providing a more responsive and more efficient solution, mainly based on the transition to team or departmental printers. In doing that we generated dramatic cost savings. Additionally we identified inefficient work processes and we changed them. We trained our users who modified their way of printing and reduced by a great amount the number of printed pages. There is no doubt that the process helped us to reduce cost in this area by a very large amount."

Gil Ron, director of Administration Haifa, Clalit Health Services

"After re-evaluating our information on printing costs , we performed several activities  aimed at streamlining the processes and increasing efficiency . As a result of that we greatly reduced the amount of printers and we improved the configuration of the system that allows end users to print in a more stable and secure way . 

Finally we implemented print management rules which allowed further reduction in printing cost in our organization.

There is no doubt that we would have not achieved this result without the support of the Prime2 professionals and  of IPCS software that manages the process for us and fosters the printing rules."