Do you really know what's going on in your organization? All companies are promising savings in the printing area, as long as you buy their products! Take a moment and ask yourself: Who is printing? what is printed? when? how? Should you print every document, fax and copy using so many papers? And why are shredders working overtime? Has anyone thought about this subject? Is printing managed and what is its real price?

Enterprise Output Management   - Time to reveal the elephant! 

“STKI finally disclosed the breakout of their printing expenses by Countries to Dr. Jimmy Svartzkof. Just in Israel the spending amounted to over 210 million dollars per year - and every year was just rising.” Today more than ever it is time to take care of the rapid growth of printing costs for many reasons, including power consumption efficiency and green environment protection.


Many organizations in recent years are facing the explosion of the cost of corporate Output. This cost growths year after year and there is no magic rod that can lower it without a serious approach to the problem and without investing the right amount of resources in the solving process. 

Some of the large hardware manufacturers currently offers a range of solutions aimed at cost savings and some other solutions are sponsored by equipment lenders and software companies. All those solutions are based on the exploitation of the equipment capabilities, but they all do not take into account the operational needs of the organizations.


This is like a close looking at an elephant: you can see it from many different angles (somebody sees only the tail of the elephant, somebody sees the trunk, somebody the legs), but you cannot see it as a whole.

Printouts as well as faxes and photographs are an integral part of activity of a company and you cannot approach them with a generic solution at enterprise level. You need to perform a deep analysis on the different workflows and processes used by each department and find the right solution to achieve savings, efficiency and control at all of them. 

That is, first of all you have to recognize the elephant and receive a full and complete picture of it. And remember: What you cannot measure you cannot control.


Today most of the Output flows on IP so you can control the cost of the process in a more automatic and simpler way. This helps to bring Output cost control initiatives to the CTO desk, who until now has often preferred to leave it in the hands of the logistic department. Nowadays more than ever this is a real opportunity to add business value to your organization.

Prime Squared can support you by providing tools and procedures that enable your organization to improve control over the costs and to reduce it optimizes business processes necessary to support.


In our experience at many projects in different Countries we have constantly seen that a solution apparently cheap and therefore chosen with no real analysis and implemented in a rush has never generated the expected result.

If you want to succeed you must first get a deep understanding of the current situation of the printouts and printers in your organization. We help you to obtain such an understanding by running several preliminary steps like: a) mapping the current situation, b) analyzing the findings, c) choosing the best way to organize Output at different departments, d) selecting the most appropriate solution to support each need, e) implementing the strategic plan for your company.


The screening analyzes all the stakeholders in the printing area and enhances system operation, improves the user service levels and optimizes the output system. This translates into dramatic cost savings. 

Open your eyes and discover all your printing world! 

Manage your output by information rather than by feeling!