Do you really know what's going on in your organization? All companies are promising savings in the printing area, as long as you buy their products! Take a moment and ask yourself: Who is printing? what is printed? when? how? Should you print every document, fax and copy using so many papers? And why are shredders working overtime? Has anyone thought about this subject? Is printing managed and what is its real price?

Define the right strategy for your printing system.

When preparing and formulating a printing system strategic plan you should follow some steps: 


A. Collect the most complete available set of information covering a period of five weeks .

B. Prepare a detailed report from the collected data showing:

            1. Very detailed information about the complete printing activity, including data on the printing processes and costs ( who printed, how, what type of documents, which printers are used) and all the information available from the system.

            2. The assessment of the potential savings based on information collected and including benchmarks with accepted standards in the world. The time needed for the  preparation of this report is about two weeks.


C . Design the most effective strategy for your organization, based on the collected data and the findings from the report.

                1. Prime Squared will support in building the best strategy for your organization and will give you the tools to define the rules and the governance, so you will save costs according to your needs. This step takes usually from two to four weeks .

                2. At the end of this phase you will have developed a coherent work plan for implementing the program in your organization.


Once you have gone through the process you have your strategic plan for printing ready and implemented and your organization will run printing process at optimized level realizing the optimum cost saving.

In the background our tools will continue to run in full transparency mode providing the right level of control and of information. We strongly suggest that you run periodic assessment replicating the data collection process and re-evaluating the rules and the results. This should be done every six months.